Our BT Blog Buddies

Our BT Blog Buddies

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Over the past few weeks we have trawled the internet to bring you details of current blogs about brain tumours. Each blog is written by someone affected by a Brain Tumour and provides insights into what it is like living from day to day.

Below are details of all our 'BT Blog Buddies'.

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Name: Deirdre Kohler

Type of Brain Tumour: Oligoastrocytoma

Grade of Brain Tumour: 2- 3

Bio: In May 2006, at the age of 30 and shortly after the birth of my 3rd child, I found out I had a low grade tumour in the left Temporal Lobe. I have seizures occasionally. The seizures are mostly complex partial. My symptoms are dizziness, inability to speak, vision disturbance and sometimes stomach cramps. In 2008, 2 years after diagnosis, I had brain surgery. My tumour was 7cmx5cmx4cm, I had headaches and couldn’t get out of bed. The doctor gave me 6 months to live if I didn’t have the surgery. After the surgery I was diagnosed with a grade 2 – 3 oligoastrocytoma. In January 2009 I had radiation and 6 months of chemo. The tumour has shrunk and remains stable. It seems to have shifted to be a grade 2. So far I am feeling good and have managed to pick my life back up. I started painting for the first time in 2006 after my diagnosis. I have had 2 exhibitions and sold quite a lot of paintings. (www.kohlerprojects.co.za) You never know how much your life can change – even for the good – when you are diagnosed with a tumour.

Blog name: Blog of a brain tumour and life

Blog link: http://kohlerprojects.blogspot.com



Name: Sarah Clark

Type of Brain Tumour: Ganglioglioma

Grade of Brain Tumour: WHO Grade I-II

Short Bio: On the 7th April 2009 I was diagnosed via MRI with what they thought was a diffuse astrocytoma but once I had my surgery and pathology came back it was confirmed to be a Ganglioglioma Grade I-II.

Blog name: Life with a Brain Tumor



Name: Jackie Ng

Type of Brain Tumour: Meningioma

Bio: Hi. i m into my 11th anniversary after Craniotomy meningioma and i maintained a blog about before and after my experience with this benign brain tumour .

Blog name: Jackie's Journey

Blog link: http://www.jackie-nak.blogspot.com/



Laurie (left)

Name: Laurie Barram

Type of Brain Tumour: Oligodendroglioma

Grade of Brain Tumour: 2

Bio: In 1990 I had a Grand Mal epiliptic Seizure in my sleep. I started to take Dilantin but had another one twelve months later. The seizures slowly became more frequent throughout 1991 and 1992 and the Dilantin dose was steadily increased. In 1993 we decided to repeat all the earlier tests in an effort to find out why the epiepsy was getting worse. That time the result of an MRI scan stated “...an atypical low grade cystic Glial or neuronal tumour such as a ganglioglioma could not be excluded.” The tumour was in my right Frontal Lobe and I had surgery to remove it. The pathology testing reported that it was a benign low grade (WHO 2) astrocytoma. I had annual scans for five years. and there was no sign of recurrance so my neurologist announced that I was "cured". Thinking I had put it all behing me, I got on with my life, bushwalking, rockclimbing and doing all the outdoor things I love. Unfortunately, I had another seizure in my sleep in November 2006 and an MRI scan revealed that the tumour had grown back in the good brain tissue below the previous site. I had a second craniotomy and this time the pathology result described it as a grade 2 oligodendroglioma. A followup scan in January 2009 showed indications of a further recurrance, we waited a few months and further MRI scans showed a definite regrowth below the previous occurance and this time it was touching the Corpus Callosum. My surgeon told me that if it invaded that structure, it would become inopperable. So I had my third craniotomy in May 2009. This time we followed up the surgery with combined chemo and radiation therapy in an attempt to mop any remaining tumour cells. While in some ways I am thankful that I am fighting a low grade tumour, the second recurrance has certainly caused me to adjust my thinking about how best to live with this thing and I have found that I have not bounced back as quickly as I did after the first two craniotomies.

Blog name: Oligo-Lucky

Blog link: www.oligo-lucky.blogspot.com



Jane and family

Name: Jane

Type of Brain Tumour: Low-grade Glioma

Grade of Brain Tumour: 2

Bio: After being diagnosed with a low-grade brain tumour in Dec 2008 my life has changed dramatically in a lot of ways, some expected and some that have surprised me! Just wanna share some of these bits. It's up to you if you wanna have a peak at my blog

Blog Name: That's Life...

Blog Link: http://janeshann.blogspot.com/



Name: David Bond a.k.a. Bondy

Type of Brain Tumour: Aggressive/benign (meningioma)

Grade of Brain Tumour: Unknown, although it was the same size as a tennis ball and attached outside the front left lobe of my brain

Short Bio: A New Zealander based in Amsterdam who found out that he had a brain tumour the size of a tennis ball after waking up one morning with a headache so intense that he could not stand up. After a 12-hour operation 6 days later and 6 weeks of daily Radiotherapy, Bondy completed the Monaco Ironman triathlon 9 months later in 6 hours 52 minutes.

Blog name: Bondy 4 Brains


Name: Jim Goeke-Morey

Blog: http://golfballinmybrain.blogspot.com/

Short Bio: 39 years old, married for 12 years, with 3 beautiful daughters, Junior High history teacher living in suburban Washington, DC, USA. In early summer of 2009, I started getting episodes of tingling and numbness on my right side with ringing in my right ear. It lasted no more than 60 seconds and no more than twice a day. It never got worse but never faded. My doctor had me see a neurologist who ordered an MRI. This revealed a golf ball size tumor in my left temporal lobe. In September, I had a craniotomy that removed 70% of the tumor. I recently began Chemotherapy and radiation treatment at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. I feel strong and am supported by a beautiful, amazing, wife and wonderful daughters, family and friends. Ironically, I had surgery to repair a ruptured achilles tendon just five days before the craniotomy. I extremely anxious to get back to cycling and running!



Name: Liz

Type of Brain Tumor: Astrocytoma (glioma)

Grade of Tumor: 2

Bio: In September 2008 Liz was diagnosed with a grade 2 astrocytoma at age 29. She has endured two brain surgeries, been diagnosed with Epilepsy, and has had to re-learn how to walk and balance. For treatment Liz takes the chemotherapy pill Temodar, and will probably be on the drug for the rest of her life. Liz went back to work in the fall of 2009 as a Web and graphic designer. She volunteers as a peer counselor for the National Brain Tumor Society in the United States.

Blog Name: The Liz Army



Name: Gary Bonacker

Type of Brain Tumour: Oligodendroglioma

Grade of Tumour: WHO 2-3

Bio: Dx on July 31 2003. Surgery, Was awake during surgery. I love my wife and daughter age 12. Tumour growing again. MRI on 3 months. Keeping an eye on it. No treatment yet. That's ok. I have seizures. A bout once a week with 5-6 auras everyday. Just started Felbatol. I am on phenobarbital and Dilantin. hope to get off of pheno soon. it is more of a brain number. I put on a fundraiser called the Tour des Chutes. A bicycle ride with distances from 7 to 90 miles. We raised nearly $90,0000 in 2009. It is a great focus and for some great beneficiaries. Lance Armstrong Foundation and our local Cancer treatment center.

Blog name: Gary B. Oligo

Twitter: http://twitter.com/sunnysidegaryb

Website: http://www.sunnysidesports.com/



Name: Andrea Garramone

Type of brain tumour: anaplastic astrocytoma.

Treatment: Awake craniotomy 11/24, currently undergoing radiation treatment NOT CHEMO

Age: 28

Location: dallas, tx usa

Name of blog: "We're going to make this cancer sorry it messed with me!!!"


Purpose: I wanted to write a blog about the feelings and not just treatment let the people know it is normal. Also: bring brain cancer awareness UP!!!


My blog details the journey of my grandson that was diagnosed with a brain
tumor last year.

Here are the details:

Name: Asher Reynolds

Website name: A prayer for Asher

Website url: http://aprayerforasher.blogspot.com

Tumor: Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma

Ashers story:
Asher was diagnosed with a Malignant brain tumor on October 5th, 2009 at the
age of 11 months. He underwent brain surgery 4 days later at Childrens
Hospital in Oklahoma City. The surgeon was able to remove the whole tumor.
After a week it was diagnosed to be a Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma
tumor. The doctors researched and did not find anyone with that type of
tumor in the brain in a baby. This is a highly aggressive fast growing
tumor. So they just had to guess on treatment. They know from studies that
this type of tumor is resistant to chemo. We were told that they were
worried that some cancer cells were left in his little brain and suggested
proton radiation. Asher underwent 7 weeks of proton radiation at MPRI in
Indiana. So far all his MRI scans have been clear. He is on a 3 month MRI
schedule at this point.


Name: Heather Taylor-Nicholson

Tumour Type: - Petrous Meningioma

Grade: 1 ('benign')

Bio - I'm a 50 year old who was diagnosed with having a 'benign' meningioma last year (Nov 5th 2010) during investigations for vertigo that had caused me to collapse at work in April 2010. I have been told that this is only 'incidental' and not the cause for the vertigo by an ENT surgeon. However, no other diagnosis has been offered apart from 'poor vestibular return' and the only treatment apart from the 'Epley' given by my GP to ease the more acute symptoms, was a booklet on vestibular exercises as I still feel unsteady and have mild balance issues.

Sadly though, whatever the cause I have lost my job as a Staff Nurse at our local hospital as I am not fit nor safe enough to work in any clinical areas, and have subsequently had to let my registration lapse as for the same reasons. I am currently unemployed and hoping to God I can get my NHS pension early on grounds of ill health, otherwise I lose my home. Right now I am going through the nightmare of having to deal with benefits claims etc which is not fun as most of you here will know.

I'm not sure what it is my blog can add but I hope it will be insightful to those who read it and who do not mind a cynical 50 year old ex-healthcare professional having a major rant..LOL!! I also run a Facebook page called 'Cornwall Headliners Brain Tumour Support Page' as there is nothing in Cornwall in the way of lcoal support groups. I feel that we are the 'forgotten' county in terms of support and treatment options, espcially with aftercare and support for those recovering from treatment. However please feel free to visit and share your experiences.

Blog Name - Meningiomaheadstart

URL - http://www.meningiomaheadstart.blogspot.com/

Name: Heather Roberts

Type of Brain Tumour: Anaplastic Astrocytoma

Grade of Brain Tumour: 3

A little about you: Heather (now 32) was diagnosed with brain cancer Grade 3: Anaplastic Astrocytoma in April 2008; and on April 24, 2008, she had her first of two surgeries to retract her tumor; her second surgery was June 12, 2008. Even though both surgeries were considered successful, the entire tumor could not be retracted. She completed 6 weeks of radiation with low dose Temador and then completed 11 months of high dose Temador.  After 11 months, her body said, “No more!” Her left side shows some deficit, but she is able to work and lead a mostly normal life.  She now travels to the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF) to see Dr. Susan Chang every four months for her check-ups. She will be closely monitored for any changes for the rest of her life.  The past three years have brought many challenges: Heather lost a grandfather (2009) and a grandmother (2010).  Her 3-1/2 year relationship with her fiancée ended as her grandmother’s health was declining, and she was forced to call off her wedding in 2010.  Then later that year, she was diagnosed with Graves disease, which is now under control.  However, through all of this, Heather remains upbeat, positive, and thankful for so much. 

Blog name: Heather’s Journey

Blog link: http://www.leapforacure.org/leap/heathers-journey/

Picture: Heather is in the middle.  Her two sisters, Michele (L) and Amy (R) stand with her.

Name: John Vang

Type of Brain Tumour: Oligoastrocytoma

Grade of Brain Tumour: Grade II

A little about you: Hello, I am a 34 year old male living in California. A CT scan in February of 2011 revealed a 3 cm-wide "dark spot" in my right Medial temporal parietal lobe. An MRI confirmed it most likely to be a tumor. Had a Needle biopsy which was inconclusive and ended up having a craniotomy in August which diagnosed the tumor to be a grade II oligoastrocytoma. The craniotomy removed about 80% of the tumor with the remaining 20% too closely wrapped around an artery to risk removing. Opted for radiation therapy (December 2011 to January 2012) to treat this remaining 20%. 

Going through this experience, I've found connecting with others (either through direct communication or reading blogs) to be reassuring and comforting and I started my blog in hopes that someone who is also unfortunately sharing the same experience might find some level of reassurance and comfort in it as well.   

Blog name: My Life With a Brain Tumor

Blog link: http://havnot.blogspot.com/

Name: Jennifer K. Giliberto

Type of Brain Tumour: An Infultrating Grade II Astrocytoma was removed from my right temporal lobe

Bio: Wife to Paul and mother to three children and three rescue dogs. I’m also an advocate, volunteer and Domestic Goddess (I jest) of everything in-between in a place I fondly refer to as “crazyland”.

Oh, yeah… there’s this: I’ve got a brain tumor. Well, let’s be honest…shit happens and it could be worse.

Blog name: Grey Matter Life

Blog link: www.greymatterlife.com

Name: Jen Crowley Searle

Type of Brain Tumour: Oligodendroglioma

Grade of Brain Tumour: Grade II


My name is Jen, and this is the journey of living the gift of life with my husband Mike and our 3 sons, while I also battle brain cancer.  Some days are good, some days are not so good, but all days are a blessing.  I promise to be open – sometimes painfully (sorry).  But this journey is all about trying to document this for my children, for being cheap therapy for me, and for hopefully helping a few others who might be going through something difficult in their own lives.  So come on in, pull up a chair and put your feet up.

On Tuesday, June 12th 2007 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, named Bob. The following month, I had brain surgery and pathology revealed brain cancer (oligodendroglioma, grade II). I have been doing well with MRIs every 3, 4 and then 5 months, until recently. I have a recurrence now (named Bozo), and we are going through the whirlwind of trying to research and figure out our next steps to defeat Bozo.
Blog name: Go Away Brain Cancer

Your name: Patrick Macedo

Brain Tumour Type: Oligoastrocytoma

Grade of Brain Tumour: Grade III (3(

Bio: My name is Patrick Macedo and on July 9, 2011 I had a seizure that led me to discover a tumor inside my brain. Blogging was never something I thought of doing but after being inspired by people who like me were diagnosed with glioma (just qualified my glioma as a grade 2 oligoastrocytoma with areas of grade 3 transformation) I thought sharing my perspectives can help others.

Blog name: We can live with glioma

Blog Link: http://patrickmacedo20.blogspot.com/

Name: Lesly

Tumour Type: Meningioma

BioI live in one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand with my husband and our two cats. I like to paint and draw, and work in soft pastel, oil pastel or acrylics.

Blog Name: Going to my head

URL: http://goingtomyhead.blogspot.co.uk/

Name: Janet

Tumour Type: Meningioma

Bio I am a 30 something stay at home mum. Before that I was an occupational therapist. Our beautiful girl was born after 6 rounds of IVF, and then our little boy arrived two years later after more IVF and a difficult pregnancy. Life has taken another turn when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. This is my ramblings about life and the challenges we face.

Blog Name: One banana, two banana, three banana more?

URL: http://morebananas.blogspot.com.au

Tumour Type: Meningioma

Bio: This blog is about navigating a glitch in the road. On Dec 2nd 2008 I found out I had an Olfactory Groove Meningioma, a benign tumour on the meninges — the membranes that surround your brain and spinal cord.

The little bugger was removed surgically by craniotomy on Jan 28th 2009. Recent times have led me to spend a lot of time with my GP, neurosurgeon, neurologist, naturopath, and osteopath, and this is an account from diagnosis through recovery.

I hope this provides some insight to family, friends, and those who are embarking on the same journey. In my own insignificant way, I'd like to raise awareness of meningiomas and help in early detection, if just for one person.

Blog Name: Me, Myself and Meningioma

URL: http://memyselfmeningioma.wordpress.com/

Name: Lynda

Tumour Type: Meningioma

Bio I am a Brain Tumour Survivor. Diagnosed in 2006 with a Benign Meningioma which was surgically removed successfully. Author of the Ebook - My Brain Tumour. I live in Cyprus now with my husband and life is certainly good. My life was rocked when I was diagnosed and I was scared but I am an optimistic person and believed it could be overcome.

Blog Name: My Brain Tumour

URL: http://lynda-mybraintumour.blogspot.co.uk/

Name: Tina

Tumour Type: Meningioma

BioOriginally created to share news around our craniotomy adventure, the focus of this blog has now shifted to the continuing progress of recovery, general thoughts on life and staying in touch with our great community of friends.

Blog Name: Tina's Adventure

URL: http://ckgunsalus.blogspot.co.uk/

Name: Hannah (patient) and Pete

Tumour Type: Anaplastic Astrocytoma

BioHannah first started having problems in February 2011 and after surgery on 1st april 2011 she was diagnosed with a grade 3 brain tumour. This blog details their journey and the different treatments Hannah has/is receiving.

Blog Name: Team Hannah

URL: http://www.teamhannah.com/blog/

Name: Geraldine

Tumour Type: Pilocytic Astrocytoma

BioGeraldine's blog is primarily about her travels with husband, Rand, but also charts her brain tumour journey from when she was initially diagnosed in 2012 and named her tumour, Steve!

Blog Name: The Everywhereist

URL: http://www.everywhereist.com

One of Gerladine's MUST read posts is: 70 Things I learned from having a brain tumor

Name: Ken Maudsley

Tumour Type: Glioblastoma Multiforme

Tumour Grade: 4

Bio: On August 11th, 2011, I had a seizure. I had never had a seizure before. I had not been having headaches or any other suspicious symptoms. I was taken to the ER at Emory. An MRI revealed a tumor in the right temporal lobe of my brain. Doctors removed it and determined that it was Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a stage 4 cancer.

Blog Name: A Glioblastoma Journey

URL: http://glioblasted.com/

Name: Wayne Joseph

Tumour Type: Glioblastoma Multiforme

Tumour Grade: 4

Bio: "Until about two weeks ago I was logging 55 miles per week on the roads of East Hawaii doing my daily jogs coupled with long walks." Then in February 2012, Wayne, was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme. This blog details his journey from the day he found out about his tumour to the present day.

Blog Name: Wayne Joseph's Blog

URL: http://waynejoseph.wordpress.com

Name: Lori (Mother has a brain tumour)

Tumour Type: Glioblastoma Multiforme

Tumour Grade: 4

Bio: My mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor on October 1st, 2012, and so my blog will include my process of the fight of her life. I thought my blog was going to be about my recovery from past trauma, but it looks like God has another plan and more work for me to do. I’ll be pulling from all the tools I’ve learned so far in recovery as I battle old tendencies toward PTSD and depression. I’m determined to never give up.

Blog Name: Jumping on Clouds

URL: http://jumpingonclouds.com/

Tumour Type: Glioblastoma Multiforme

Tumour Grade: 4

Bio: My father was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme on March 26th 2012.  I started this blog in hopes that it gives me an outlet to vent all my emotions and try to stay sane.  You can read how this all began in the post The Beginning.

Blog Name: Trying to survive one moment at a time

URL: http://tryingtosurviveonemomentatatime.wordpress.com/

Name: Erin

Tumour Type: Glioblastoma Multiforme

Tumour Grade: Grade 4

Bio: Erin was diagnosed 4 July 2009 with a Glioblastoma: a grade 4 brain cancer tumor. The average life span is 14 months.

Kaiser diagnosed it and had it taken out in 76 hours. Radiation and chemotherapy for a total of 13 months: She is still here.

Blog Name: Tour de Force de Erin: This Mom Fights

URL: http://forceoferin.wordpress.com

Name: Eric Glavez

Tumour Type: Meningioma

Bio: I'm just a regular guy that had a brain tumor and wants to do something positive with it. This web site is dedicated to my unique journey over the last year. I'm a 31 year old physical therapist in beautiful San Diego, California. I was diagnosed with a golf-ball sized brain tumor in September 2005. I had brain surgery a month later to remove it. It took me almost 1 year to fully recover. I've always believed that things happen for a reason. I really feel like all my life experiences helped me to deal with this crushing diagnosis. I have led a very interesting life thus far, but I still have a lot of things I need to do. After the surgery, I was receiving rehab at the hospital where I used to work. The people I used to work side by side with were now treating me as a patient! Please take your time browsing this site to learn more about my wild ride through this unique experience.

Blog Name: They Call Me 'Glavez'

URL: http://www.ericgalvezdpt.com/

Tumour Type: Mixed Glioma

Tumour Grade: 3

Bio: A blog about the many ups and downs of living with a newly discovered Lesion in my brain.

Blog Name: Goliath and I

URL: http://goliathandi.blogspot.co.uk

Name: Colin Smith

Tumour Type: Glioblastoma Multiforme

Tumour Grade: 4

Bio: Colin aged 55, is a Chelsea supporter, a father of 5, expecting 9th grandchild very shortly, and very very funny. Diagnosed in August 2012. 

Blog Name: www.headcase-ironman.me

Blog Link: http://headcase-ironman.me/

Name: Dawn

Tumour Type: Meningioma

Bio: Since the unexpected discovery and removal of a right sided meningioma brain tumour in November 2008 Dawn with a Difference has emerged. Mind the Gap A-Z will sprinkle your brains with my journey.

Blog Name: Mind The Gap A-Z

Blog Link: http://mindthegapa-z.blogspot.co.uk/

Name: Nicola Joyce

Tumour Type: Acoustic Neuroma

Bio: My name is Nicole Joyce, I am a 20 year old Nursing student living just outside of Glasgow, (Loch Lomond),Scotland.

I was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of sixteen which was removed in 2009. I found out in 2011 that I had Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2).

Blog name: Tale of Two Faces

Blog Link: http://taleoftwofaces.webs.com/

Name: Garnet

Tumour Type:

Tumour Grade:

Bio: My name is Garnet.  I have a beautiful wife, an entertaining son, a NICE house and a fulfilling career.  I also have brain cancer. Much has happened since this photo was taken. Surgery to remove a lemon-sized tumor is near the top of the list. How could I forget the fun of more than a year of chemo and countless MRI’s?  This is my journey from a Saturday seizure to success and keeping the faith throughout the trip.

Blog Name: Thinking Clearly

Blog Link: https://garnetstevens.wordpress.com/

Name: Ben

Type of Brain Tumour: Astrocytoma (glioma) 

Grade of Brain Tumour: Grade II

Bio: Ben is a Oglala Lakota traditional Sioux man- a servant to the people, an artist, warrior, husband, son, brother, and  friend. Ben can be found slinging organic vegetables at the Eastside Co-op, jamming in the local powwow arenas as a traditional plains indian dancer, sitting outside coffee shops downtown playing his flute and beading, or on Facebook Deep in a political discussion and making people laugh. Ben was diagnosed with a brain tumor in his right frontal lobe February 2013, he promptly underwent a craniotomy, and begun proton beam radiation treatment in May 2013. Ben is on Keppra to prevent seizures. His wife Charlie writes the blog, focusing on Ben's progress, research of complementary practices, and anticancer foods and living.  

Blog name: The Indomitable Spirit: a teacher, a common man, and a brain tumor

Blog link: theindomitablespirit.wordpress.com

Name: Tristan

Type of Brain Tumour: Anaplastic Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytoma

Grade of Brain Tumour: Grade 3/4

Bio: I was diagnosed in November last year after having a seizure whilst travelling in the USA. I had been almost without symptoms at that point. Following a 95% Debulk of the tumour and 6 weeks of targeted radiotherapy, I have decided to try shift matters as far as possible into my own hands, by following a ketogenic (high fat, limited protein, low carb) diet. Together with my beautiful wife Samantha, we will be travelling the world, sharing our dietary trials and successes with anyone who is willing to read about them. (More information on the blog header).

Blog name: 'Fats, Hats and Travels'

Blog link: http://fatshatstravels.blogspot.com

Name: Patrick Hof

Type of Brain Tumour: Anaplastic Oligoastrocytoma

Grade of Brain Tumour: III

A little about you:
http://bt.offensivethinking.org/blog/2012/06/03/my-story.html (Yes, I'm lazy ;).

Blog name: Offensive Thinking

Blog link: http://bt.offensivethinking.org

Name: Erin

Type of Brain Tumour: Difficult to identify, currently assuming Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytoma with anaplastic features

Grade of Brain Tumour: Difficult to grade but recurring, assuming 2/3

A little about you:At the age of 24 after months of headaches and other symptoms I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I  had it removed less than a week from diagnosis and was told that it was low grade and wouldn't come back. Twenty short months later the headaches returned and a routine MRI (which were still every 3 months

1 Anaplastic Oligoastrocytoma
2 Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytoma
3 Acoustic Neuroma
4 Mixed Glioma
5 Pilocytic Astrocytoma
6 Anaplastic Astrocytoma
7 Blogs (In Memory)
8 Astrocytoma
9 Oligodendroglioma
10 Meningioma
11 Ganglioglioma
12 Glioblastoma Multiforme
13 Oligoastrocytoma

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