Rob R. - Diagnosed with a GBM IV in 2003

Rob R

My husband Rob was diagnosed June 6, 2003. Our son was in kindergarten at the end of school year party while Rob was having surgery. When the doctor came out to talk with his sister, daughter and myself he cautioned us that Rob would probably not be able to talk or move. The first thing he did when I saw him was smile and started chatting, squeezing my hand. As he left the recovery room he gave a thumbs up to both his sister and daughter. So we knew that his incredible attitude and strength would get him through.

Though the GBM IV Tumor was Inoperable, they did biopsy what they could. It was confirmed a GBM IV. He started six weeks of radiation followed by traveling to Duke and Sloan Kettering for chemo protocol. We wanted to feel comfortable and hopefully provide him with the best medical care. He decided to go with Sloan Kettering in New York and we would fly up every two months for them to evaluate his MRIs and talk with him. He started off on Temodar with Kytril as an anti – Nausea med –his Temodar dose was about 420mg. Rob tolerated the dosage and they later increased it to 500mg.

In May of 2004, Rob who is a yacht broker, happened to have a client interested in a boat in Galveston, TX. So we made an appointment at MD Anderson, and we have been there ever since. His doctor in Houston has been absolutely wonderful. Rob took Temodar for a total of 36 cycles with only a couple of interruptions due to blood counts. He finished his Temodar in May 2007 with a clear MRI. He continued to go to Houston every two months, then every three months for MRIs and consultation. In the past year, he goes every six months and just returned a few weeks ago with a clear MRI.

Rob walks every day for two miles, never asked “why me”, always has a positive attitude . . . and yes, still sells boats! He has expressive aphasia but at 62, we sometimes kid about senior moments. Rob takes a daily nap because he tires but he leads a wonderful life and enjoys his family and we are all thankful for having him in our lives. He would probably have written his story, but he is too busy taking a walk!

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