Biological Therapies

Biological therapy is treatment designed to stimulate or restore the ability of the body's immune (natural internal defense) system to fight infection and disease. Biological therapy is also called biotherapy or immunotherapy.

Cancer biological therapy is the use of the Immune System to reject cancer. The main premise is stimulating the patient's immune system to attack the Malignant tumour cells that are responsible for the disease. This can be either through immunisation of the patient, in which case the patient's own immune system is trained to recognise tumour cells as targets to be destroyed, or through the administration of therapeutic antibodies as drugs, in which case the patient's immune system is recruited to destroy tumour cells by the therapeutic antibodies.

More information about biological therapies and on relevant drugs used to treat brain tumours can be found in this section.

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# Article Title
# Article Title
1 Avastin (Bevacizumab)


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