Vehicle Tax for Disabled People

Vehicle Tax for Disabled People

You may be entitled to a free tax disc if you're a disabled person who gets the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance, War Pensioners Mobility Supplement or have an invalid carriage.

Using the Vehicle

To claim exemption from vehicle tax, the vehicle must be registered in your name or registered in the name of someone you nominate to drive for you (a nominee).

The vehicle must only be used for your purposes, for example shopping or getting prescriptions.

If it is being used by the nominee or someone else for their own personal needs, then the exemption will be lost and the normal rate of vehicle tax must be paid.

How to get an exemption certificate

Before you can get a free tax disc, you'll need to apply for an exemption certificate from the agency that issues your benefit. The exemption certificate will show your name and that of the nominee if you have nominated someone to drive for you.

Some vehicles don't need an exemption certificate to tax - see 'invalid carriages' and 'Motability contract hire vehicles' below.

If you claim the higher rate of the mobitlity component of disability living allowance

Contact the Disability Living Allowance Unit and ask for exemption certificate DLA 404.

Disability Living Allowance Unit, Warbreck House, Warbreck Hill, Blackpool FY2 0YE

Telephone: 0845 712 3456

Textphone: 0845 722 4433

Taxing your vehicle in the disabled tax class

Get your free tax disc at a Post Office® branch that issues tax discs. You can renew it each year online, over the phone, in person or by post.

Taxing your vehicle in the disabled tax class - Further information on how to tax your vehicle

Motability contract hire vehicles

Motability contract hire vehicles don't need an exemption certificate. Motability will arrange to tax your vehicle each year and send a tax disc directly to you.

As Motability registers the vehicle and holds the Registration Certificate for the duration of your contract, it's important that you tell Motability of any changes to your address or circumstances to ensure you get your tax disc on time.

For more information on taxing your vehicle in the disabled tax class visit

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