Medical Identification

Medical Identification

medic id

Below is a list of companies that provide various types of medical identification items which you can keep with you at all times to help in an emergency situation:

Universal Medical ID

Universal Medical ID was established to serve medical communities and people around the world by offering quality medical IDs which allow healthcare professionals to give prompt, precise diagnosis and treatment during an emergency. Universal Medical ID has developed out of the success and good reputation of American Medical ID, which has been in operation since 1995. GPs, consultants, pharmacists and hospitals in the United States refer their patients to us whenever they consider a medical ID is appropriate. Our business has depended on referrals from these healthcare professionals, whose primary interest is the welfare of patients. We must maintain the highest production and service standards in order to retain their trust. In just the same way, we expect to earn the trust of healthcare professionals across the globe. American Medical ID has its administrative offices and production centre in Houston, Texas. Universal Medical ID, established in 2007, has offices in the UK and Canada.

While their medical ID bracelets and necklaces are among the most affordable on the market, they have gone to great lengths to offer high quality jewellery which can be worn with confidence. High grade metals are used for engraving surfaces, including solid high-grade stainless steel, sterling silver, 10k gold-filled and 10k and 14k gold and titanium.

No annual membership is required to purchase from Universal Medical ID. You can order online, by post, fax or phone.

Build your ID online here

Universal Medical ID Adult order form

Universal Medical ID Kids order form



MedicAlert is a registered charity which provides people with hidden medical conditions, such as diabetes, Epilepsy, implants or allergies, the peace of mind to live life safe in the knowledge that they will be protected in an emergency when vital seconds ensure quick diagnosis and can save lives.

In an emergency, vital information is available on the back of your MedicAlert® Emblem. Medical and emergency personnel can then telephone the given number and by quoting your ID number and after clearing security checks, they can receive further important details where appropriate. For example: your name and address, doctor’s details, current drug therapy or next of kin.

This 24 hour emergency telephone service is dealt with from our emergency call centre housed within the offices of the London Ambulance Service. The emergency telephones are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with trained staff on hand to answer all calls, including reverse charge calls, from anywhere in the world with a translation service available in over 100 languages. In an emergency situation there is always someone on standby who can give your vital medical and personal information. All calls are logged, with full details of the caller, the nature of the call and the response given.

Membership to the MedicAlert® service - including a tailored-made Emblem - starts at just £19.95 plus the first year's Membership at £25. As a registered charity, The MedicAlert Foundation can also provide free membership to individuals on a limited income.

By Phone:

You can join MedicAlert® quickly and easily by calling freephone 0800 581420 during office hours, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. The Membership Services team will take your payment by credit or debit card and record all your personal details. One of our fully trained medical services advisors will then take down the medical information

If you require sponsorship please contact the Membership Services team on020 7833 3034 or freephone 0800 581 420

Online application:

To apply online click on the link below and complete your personal and medical details.

Please note: MedicAlert® do not accept Visa Electron cards.

Click here for the online application form

By post:

If you would prefer to apply by post, please download the application form below.

Click here to download the application form

Once you have completed the application form, please send it, along with the relevant payment, to MedicAlert® at, 1 Bridge Wharf, 156 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9UU.

This section has been reproduced with the kind permission of MedicAlert®



MediPAL is a plastic hard wearing card, the size of a credit card that is used as an Emergency ID Card or an Emergency Contact Card.

The card costs £11.99 if applied for online or £14.99 via application form which you can download here.

The MediPAL® card shows:

  • A distinctive Green Cross

  • Name / DOB

  • Emergency contact details

  • Front - 10 Current Medications

  • Back - 8 important Medical history details (including allergies)

  • GP's name, address and telephone number or Hospital contact

MediPAL® can be used as a Medical Emergency card, or simply as a Contact/ID card:
  • MediPAL® was the first emergency contact card in the UK
  • There is only one payment to make - no annual fee
  • No call centre, instant access to your medical details
  • The price includes two text changes during the life of the card
  • Free delivery of the card within the UK
  • Patent Pending
  • We can format the card to suit your needs
  • All 31 UK ambulance trusts are aware of the service
  • A secure web site for online payments
  • Registered under the Data Protection Act
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